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Jimmy Lewis paddles are designed in association with Jim Terrell of QuickBlade

3-year warranty!

“Jimmy Lewis Signature” The JL Signature paddle is designed by Jimmy himself, for a better responding paddle. It has a more squared outline and pulls incredibly smoothly without flutter or ventilation!

Blade width: 7 7/8″. $279.99 fixed, $299.99 adjustable.

The Jimmy Lewis paddle blades are molded with a fiberglass/foam sandwich and the shafts are fiberglass with comfortable and very tough ABS handles. The handles are so tough that you can use the handle end for balance when you need a crutch to poll through rocky launches saving your blade. These paddles have much more flex than carbon designs, allowing you to paddle longer without getting tired and they are very easy on your shoulders. The flex allows the paddle to recoil at the end of your paddle stroke and the release provides an extra boost of power — you have to feel it to believe it!

Order now, with free shipping anywhere in Canada!

KeNalu Carbon Paddles

The finest SUP paddles on the water!

Ke Nalu stand up paddles are among the lightest standup paddles available for sale in Canada today. Light weight is one thing, but the performance and durability are really what set our paddles apart.

The finish on all of the components is absolutely impeccable and flawless right out of the mold (no heavy clear-coats required). When you see, feel, and try them in person you will be amazed!

Need a special set up, such as 3pc shaft, or adjustable shaft? We can do it! Just email or call and we’ll set up your paddle exactly the way you want it with fast, personal service.

Mana Blade

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Price: $699 including shipping. Including your choice of Ergo, or Ergo Tee handle.

Ho’oloa Blade

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Price: $599 including shipping. Including your choice of Ergo, or Ergo Tee handle.

Board Bags

.Jimmy Lewis SUP Board bags


Jimmy Lewis SUP Board Bag Sizes:

8’7 (Kwad, Stun Gun, Striker) $240

9’5 (Kwad, Stun Gun, Striker) $240

10’0 $240

10’3 Maestro $240

10’8 $240 (for Hanalei 10’4 + 10’8, and Cruise Control 10’6)

11’0 $240 (for Cruise Control and 11’2 Hanalei)

11’6  $240 (for 11’6 Cruise Control)

12’6 $260 Stiletto

12’6 $280 Searcher

14′ $280 Race (UBoat, Stiletto, M-14 & Rail Downwinder)    



9′ Coiled Race $39.99

9′ Calf $39.99

9′ Ankle $39.99

Leashes are premium quality, with swivel, and key pocket.  

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