Group Lessons & Classes

So you want to see what all the fuss is about with the fast growing sport of stand up paddling?  Or maybe you have already done an intro class and just want to get out on the water in beautiful Barrie, Ontario on Kempenfelt By.  Either way we have the class for you.

Every class includes • Equipment • P.F.D. (personal flotation device)        • Water Safety Instruction • On-land Instruction • Water Instruction • Free Play

Intro to SUP – Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00pm & Saturday 9:00 – 10:00am 

$50.00 per person – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Our introductory class will focus on introducing you to the sport of stand up paddling (SUP) in a fun and safe manner. We will teach you the fundamentals as well as proper safety and this will be the foundation for your future paddling endeavours  You will need to be comfortable in the water and able to swim. You do not need to have any prior paddling experience to take this class.

Sunrise SUP Social – Fridays 6:00am 

$40.00 per person – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Have you always wanted to join the Northern SUP crew on their sunrise tours but don’t have a board of your own?  Well now is your chance.  We have opened up rentals for Friday mornings at 6:00am for a 60 minute guided paddle on Kempenfelt Bay as we watch the sunrise.  Please plan to arrive early as we will be leaving promptly at 6:00am.

Sunrise SUP is for experienced paddlers only, NO LESSONS PROVIDED.

SUP Club – No Experience Required – Brand new for 2017!!

  • To expose the community to SUP and offer opportunities to experience the sport

  • To help build a community of paddlers

$275 for the season (8 weeks starting July 4 – August 22)

Youth – Tuesdays 5:00 – 6:30pm – SESSION FULL

The focus will be on teaching the basic fundamentals of SUP (equipment, safety, technique) and working on improving those skills in a social, fun and technique-based program that follows a proven progression.  Elements of SUP downwinding & Surf technique will be introduced.

Adults – Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30pm – SESSION FULL

The focus will be the same as the youth, while combining also the social and fun aspects of paddling.  We will also offer coaching on downwind techinique, upwind, surf and race when there is opportunity to do so.  This is the perfect platform for anyone new to paddling or for persons looking to build on their current SUP skills and are considering racing. 

*On the final day of the session we will combine the groups and offer a fun SUP race with games for both kids and adults.

TEAM Training Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:30pm


No need to book – Just show up!

90 minute Team training session for our Jimmy Lewis TEAM Riders and Ambassadors. Session will start with 30 minutes of technique training guided by Brent Ackland, then transition into either a 3KM or 5KM race pace paddle. Choice of distance is up to the individual, emphasis will be on pace, not socializing. Socializing will follow the session across the street at PIE restaurant if interested. Anyone is welcome to attend the session for no charge provided they bring their own equpment, a smile and enthusiastic attitude. RENTALS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Youth SUP – Every other Thursday 4:00 – 5:00pm  

$35.00 per personCLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

This 90 minute class will have both an introduction to SUP and more intermediate advanced technique portions. With a 8 participant limit, kids will be taught at their individual skill level and will progress depending on the number of sessions they attend. We will incorporate instruction as well as fun paddle time.

Private Lessons and Groups

Are you looking for Private Lessons?  Do you have your own group and want to go out and Experience SUP at a time that better fits your schedule?  

Then let Northern SUP & their PaddleFit Certified instructors assist you in enjoying the perfect day on the water. Have fun paddling out and enjoying the aqua blue water with your own private group of friends or family.

This can be an intro to SUP, a fun hour on the water for experienced paddlers or a combination if you have a group with varying experience.  Our instructors will proved a safe and challenging experience.  As always being on the water offers wonderful vistas as well as an opportunity for self discovery.

Private Group Bookings are 60 minutes 

Contact for Availability

Options – In addition to Intro Lessons;

PaddleFit Tech 1

PaddleFit Tech 1 is our a paddling technique class and your first step in learning proper technique. Learning proper technique is beneficial for many reasons including increased performance, injury prevention and enhancing your enjoyment of SUP. During the hour lesson you will learn proper paddling fundamentals. Our coach will introduce you to our technique progression and work with you to make the appropriate corrections to get you on the path to paddling better. No matter where you are on your SUP journey we will help you get on the path to paddling properly.

SUP Fundamentals
Intermediate Cues
Eliminate Poor Habits
Develop Power

PaddleFit Tech 2

PaddleFit Tech 2 is our advanced paddling technique class and your next step in learning proper technique. We will take what you learned in PaddleFit Tech 1 and build on that to help you become and advanced paddler. During the hour lesson you will learn advanced paddling technique as well as advanced level paddling drills. Our coach will continue to work with you on our technique progression and help you to make the appropriate corrections to get you on the path to paddling better.

Video Analysis
Develop Power
Advanced Drills
Eliminate Poor Habits


1 on 1 $100
Group of 2 – $80 per person $160
Group of 3 – $70 per person $210
Group of 4 – $60 per person $240
Group of 5 – $50 per person $250
Group of 6- $50 per person $300
Group of 7 – $50 per person $350
Group of 8 – $50 per person $400


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