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Northern SUP was created in 2011 by Brent Ackland, a long time water and recreation enthusiast. As a multi-dimensional retail, lesson and recreation business, Northern SUP achieved a lot of success in its first two seasons, but Brent realized that his calling was introducing people to the incredible fitness benefits of SUP and getting them on a fun healthy path. Paddling alone is a killer workout, but what Brent found is when you combine paddling, progressive technique, on-land exercises and a healthy dose of consistency, the results were amazing (and his clients were having a blast).

From this process in 2013, Brent has partnered with PaddleFit as their Canadian Affiliate along with achieving the level of PaddleFit Certification Instructor and Director of Education.

In 2015 Northern SUP won a bid with the City of Barrie to open an on-water location at Centennial Beach on Kempenfelt Bay. Since then Northern SUP has now added an Ambassador Team, board rentals, additional programming and social events!

SUP Training Club

The year 2022 brought the addition of Ocean Academy - SUP Training Club programmed by Candice Appleby. By partnering with one of the greatest competitive paddlers of all time — 6x Champion of Battle of the Paddle and 3x Champion after it became the Pacific Paddle Games (an event long considered the World Championship or “Superbowl” of SUP) — Northern SUP is in position to help train the next generation of SUP athletes.

Candice has been the #1 Female SUP Athlete of the Year three times, APP World Tour Champion in 2015, and has collected four gold medals for the United States over an international field at the ISA World Championships in 2015, 2016, and 2018. Candice also qualified for the 2019 Pan-American Games and represented Team USA in SUP Surfing and Technical racing, taking home a silver medal in SUP Technical racing, and is the USA SUP Team’s Team Manager.

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Brent Ackland


Brent has a long history in the SUP industry. He is the founder of Northern SUP and one of the original PaddleFit Certified coaches!

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