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NORTHERN SUP was created in 2011 by Brent Ackland, a long time water and recreation enthusiast.

As a multi-dimensional retail, lesson and recreation business Northern SUP achieved a lot of success in its first 2 seasons, but Brent realized that his calling was introducing people to the incredible fitness benefits of SUP and getting them on a fun healthy path. Paddling alone is a killer workout, but what Brent found is when you combine paddling, progressive technique, on-land exercises and a healthy dose of consistency, the results were amazing (and his clients were having a blast). From this process in 2013, Brent has partnered with PaddleFit as their Canadian Affiliate along with achieving the level of PaddleFit Certification Instructor and Director of Education. In 2015 Northern SUP won a bid with the City of Barrie to open a on-water location at Centennial Beach on Kempenfelt Bay.  Since then Northern SUP has now added an Ambassador Team, board rentals, additional programming and social events.

Working with PaddleFit will continue to develop programming that will push you to achieve your desired goals. All while maintaining a level of fun that makes SUP a part of your lifestyle and not just something you do a few days a week.  Northern SUP truly believes in providing fitness at your leisure.

Why do we choose to work with PaddleFit?

Northern SUP Team

IMG_8595Brent Ackland Founder/Visionary 
PaddleFit Certification Coach ~ PaddleFit Barrie

Brent is a full-time fitness coach and the leader in bringing PaddleFit to     Canada as well as being only the 3rd person to attain the level of PaddleFit   Certification Coach.  He is a tireless ambassador for stand up paddling and loves introducing new people to the sport at his Centennial Beach, Barrie location.  In addition to promoting his own business, he is selfless when providing advice and expertise to assist others launch new SUP businesses throughout Canada and the Central & Eastern US teaching PaddleFit Certifications.  Brent truly embodies the spirit of SUP and is living proof that SUP is a lifestyle and not just a sport.


Jojo Mayhew
PaddleFit Core Coach








PaddleFit Core Coach – SUP Simcoe

Mike has had a passion for water and paddling all his life.  Summers spent exploring in Algonquin Park and the Muskoka region has given Mike a keen understanding of water and ways of moving through it. When Mike discovered paddleboarding in late 2012, he was hooked.  In 2013, Mike was certified as a PaddleFit Level 2 Coach and is constantly inspired by the PaddleFit family to be an enthusiastic ambassador for this amazing sport.  Mike is excited to share his knowledge of how to use the winds, waves and water to make every excursion safe, fun and rewarding no matter the weather. (excluding lightning of course)


Northern SUP

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