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Learn to SUP, Increase your Skills or Train with PaddleFit

PaddleFit is a complete SUP and outdoor fitness system that takes you through a full physical assessment which we then use to develop a clearly defined path that will help you achieve your goals through both land based workouts, paddling technique and on water workouts. We will spend the majority of our time in the great outdoors, taking advantage of the natural terrain to enhance our workout experience, both physically and mentally.

– Paddle technique

– High intensity training

– Water based training

– Personalized program

– Fun

– Friendly environment

Whether your goals are to just try a new activity, weight loss, improving your overall health and conditioning, pushing your paddling technique to new heights or you just want a refreshing approach to working out that truly works, we have a program for you and we are excited to have you. Doesn’t matter why you decided to come out on the water with us the end result will be that we will be having fun and becoming fit!

Our main focus will be to help you achieve your goals and have fun, so the hard work you invest pays off and becomes a part of your healthier and happier lifestyle. We want you to be a part of our growing PaddleFit community!

Class Types

PaddleFit Water

Our motto for our on water class: spending time on the water is the only way to get better at paddling.  Each individual class will have a main theme and area of focus; paddling drills, strength exercises or paddling intervals.  The PaddleFit water class will allow us to work on paddling technique as well as strength and endurance.  Class is for those who have some paddling experience.

Paddling technique
Paddling drils and skill building
Dynamic warm-up
Core strength development
Endurance conditioning

PaddleFit Complete
Our interval based class will incorporate land strength exercises with paddling. The combination of being on the water working on paddling skills as well as building strength and endurance during the land portion provide a great workout. Elevating your heart rate combined with strength exercises will have you feeling the positive effects long after the class is over. The class is for those will some prior paddling experience.

Dynamic warm-up
Endurance and conditioning
Paddle skill building
Core strength development
Paddle technique
Injury prevention
Northern SUP

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