Cruise Control

Crusie Control Family

The “Cruise Control” is the one board that will do everything you ask of it.

It’s known as the greatest board ever made and is often copied, but never duplicated.

Flat water? No problem — it paddles quickly and easily, and is amazingly stable even in choppy conditions.

Got waves? Perfect! The soft edges and ample bottom curve (rocker) allows you to ride and carve turns on waves as small as knee high. Big waves? It will stay in control even in larger surf and you’ll feel like you’ve been surfing all your life!

You will paddle like a pro the first time you ride it and it will keep you smiling for years and years.

The finish on all of Jimmy’s boards is incredibly durable and each one is meticulously hand-polished and flawless — almost too nice to use!

Yoga Cruise


Which size?

The 11’6 is a popular board for heavier riders and for beginners and rental fleets, while the 11′ and 10’6 boards are for regular, to light weight paddlers. If in doubt, go with the 11′er which will easily float people up to 200 lbs.

The Cruise Control is a timeless standup classic and one of the best selling board designs in the world!

Don’t be fooled by the extreme light weight of Jimmy’s boards. They are built using the finest materials and construction techniques and no expense is spared in making them the toughest high-performance boards on the water.

10’6 X 28.75″ Volume: 150 liters $2299 CAD

11′ X 30″ Volume: 170 liters $2449 CAD

11’6 X 32″ Volume: 200 liters $2449 CAD

11’6 X 32″ Yoga Cruise Volume: 200 litres $2449 CAD


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