When you need the advantages of an inflatable board, Jimmy’s are among the finest on the market.

Storage? No problem. Travel? No problem. Rocky, and shallow rivers? No problem. On a budget? No problem! The Jimmy Lewis Inflatables fit the bill!

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9’2 x 33″ x 6″: $1399 CAD Weight: 26.4 lbs. Inflated, including fin.

10’3 x 33″ x 6″: $1499 CAD Weight: 28.2 lbs. Inflated, including fin.

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12’6 x 29″ x 6″: $1499 CAD Weight: 31 lbs. Inflated, including fin.

12’6 x 32″ x 6″: $1499 CAD Weight: 31 lbs. Inflated, including fin.









11’2 x 33″ x 6″: $1499 CAD Weight: 33 lbs. Inflated, including fin.



Which size? For family fun, yoga, and just goofing around on waves or flat water, the Maestro Air 10’3 or 9’2 are the call. They are super stable, so if you want to bring your kids and the dog with you, you’ll have a blast.

The Searcher Air is a mid-size board which can float paddlers of any size or skill. Great for fishing or touring and it comes with extra tie-downs on the tail. Just don’t forget where you leave it as it blends in with the scenery!

If you want to paddle longer distances at higher speed, the Stiletto Air 12’6 is the fastest of the three boards (it’s one of the fastest inflatables on the water!). Pick the width that suits you best, either 32″ for stability, or 29″ for maximum speed. The 29″ board is super fast, but you should be an intermediate to advanced rider to paddle it as it has the stability of a race board (tippy).

All Jimmy Lewis inflatable boards are extremely stable and can handle rider weights of up to 250 lbs, or more (even the 9’2!).

Features: Jimmy’s inflatables are constructed with Mirasol drop-stitch fabric and double-layer PVC fabric which allows a max pressure 25 psi (1.72 bar). We recommend pumping them up to 15 psi, but it’s nice to know they can handle a lot more. The double-wall stringer construction technology is light, forgiving and almost indestructible. They come with a high-quality footpad, a carry handle, and tie-down bungee to store extra gear or a PFD.

Note: there are lighter inflatables on the market, but they don’t have double wall construction and cannot handle high pressure and they are not nearly as durable as Jimmy’s. You get what you pay for, so make sure to educate yourself, and don’t get fooled by cheaper products!

In the box: US Base polycarbonate fin (the fin box is compatible with all standard SUP fins). No screwdriver needed! Top quality backpack bag for storage and transport with padded shoulder straps and inner storage pockets. Industry standard HP pump for quick inflation (it takes about 5 minutes in total, but don’t try to do it all at once). Pressure gauge. Adjustable aluminum 3-piece paddle (1215 grams). Recommended for use as a spare or backup. Repair kit (just in case, but you’ll likely never need it!).


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