Searcher-2015-Artwork-yellow-and-redThe Searcher is an ultra-fast and very stable board designed for touring lakes and rivers.  The extra-wide beam and flat bottom make this board easy to ride no matter what the conditions are and the rounded rails are designed for long-distance speed

This board is surprisingly light, weighing in at a mere 14.5kg (32lbs), making it extra fast but also very easy to carry, even for women.

A sharp nose breaks up the chop and it handles boat wakes and swells like they’re not even there! The only faster boards on the water are full-on race boards like the Stiletto. Yes, she is very quick and fun.

The nose shape holds the board straight through the water so you can paddle many strokes before switching sides. When you want to turn, just step back a bit to free up the nose and she spins around faster than a wave board!

Tie-down inserts on the deck allow you to stow all the gear you need for a day or a full week’s adventure and as with all of Jimmy’s boards, the Signature construction is super-light and extra strong.

The Searcher will float up to 800lbs!

Available in Blue, or Orange.

Length: 12’6″

Width: 33 1/2″

Volume: 363 liters

Weight: 32 lbs/14.5 kg.

Price: $3149 (CAD)


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