This is probably the most beautiful SUP race board design that you will ever see. Another winner from Jimmy Lewis!

The Stiletto line of boards are called race boards, but they are much more than that! Anyone who paddles mostly on flat water will find them easy to paddle and they can handle chop and even small waves easily. As with all Jimmy Lewis shapes, they are very versatile and you’ll never outgrown them.

Scuppers in the deck allow water to drain and ensure that your feet stay and the recessed deck lowers center of gravity making the board extra stable and gives you more paddle power.

The Stiletto CARBON editions (14′, 290, 265, and 235) are the ultimate in light-weight shapes, but you do not have to sacrifice strength with Jimmy’s construction. While other boards with carbon construction are super fragile and can’t handle much abuse, these boards are built with 100% Airex sandwich foam and are just as strong as the standard Signature construction (maybe stronger)! Do the “thumb test” on other brands, and you’ll see what we mean. Jimmy’s boards are TOUGH.

The Signature Construction Stilettos come with tie-down inserts on the deck so you can bring your gear along with you. This adds to the versatility of the design and is a welcome update.


The Stiletto 14 is pure speed defined, and its one of the fastest boards in the 14′ class. It will keep you ahead of the pack from morning to night whether you’re racing, or just want to cruise long distances. The second you step onboard, you can tell that this is a high-performance machine, but don’t worry, it is surprisingly stable and even beginners will have no problem with balance. It handles choppy water nicely and you’ll never feel like you’re going to get dumped off.

Width: 28″

Volume: 315 liters

Weight Signature:  27 lbs

Weight Carbon: 23 lbs

Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green.

Price Signature: $2979 CAD – Price Carbon: $3549 CAD


For racers and recreational paddlers who want a super-fast and stable board for flat or choppy water.

Designed to be the fastest board in it’s class, the Stiletto 12’6 is built to perform and can handle just about any conditions you can throw at it. It is very stable, even for beginners, and eats up chop easily.Three sizes allow you to have the perfect board for your weight and experience level.

235: 27.5″ X 5.5″ thick. 9.43 kg (20.8 lbs) For lighter weight paddlers up to 150 lbs.

Classic Construction: $2999 Carbon Construction: $3699

265: 28.5″ X 5 7/8″ thick. Signature Construction 9.88 Kg (21.8 lbs) Carbon 8.70 kg (19.2 lbs) For medium-weight paddlers, up to 180 lbs.

Classic Construction $2999 Carbon Construction $3699

290: 30″ X 6″ thick. 10.43 kg (23 lbs) Extra stable. Will easily float paddlers up to 240 lbs. This is our most popular size.

Classic Construction: $2999 Carbon Construction: $3699

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